Exploit the value and lifetime of your car with regular car servicing at Western Way Garage. We are a trusted local garage where our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment. We offer great value over our 3 different services:


1) Interim Service (60 point check) The 60 point Interim Service is advised every 6 months for the high mileage car user, or where the manufacturer recommends frequent servicing. The 60 points covers the general health of the car, including an oil change. 


2) Full service (86 point check) This is a complete annual service or 12,000 miles for no hassle motoring. This surpasses the majority of manufacturers' recommended service schedules. 


3) Premier Service (95 point check) This is the most comprehensive car service and is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. It covers the parts regularly recommended for replacement every two years. 


*Additional charges will apply should the vehicle require special or synthetic oils and platinum or electrode plugs. All prices include VAT.



Will my manufacturer's warranty be invalidated if I don't have my car serviced by my dealer? - No, we carry out all services in accordance with the Vehicle Assembler's servicing schedules, this means that your manufacturer's warranty remains protected.


Do you offer a manufacturer's service? - Yes, if you would like a specific quote, please call 01661 824421.


Can I have a fully synthetic oil upgrade? Yes, you can for an additional charge of £18 .